Hall of Sponsors
Keeping more than just the evils of Ardania at bay, these real-life heroes have graciously donated money to keep this game free for everyone else. The developers would like to express their heart-felt thanks and gratitude to these heroes who have provided such support for this game.

Dumble Dwarf
Date Donated: Sept 2003
Date Donated: Sept 2003
Snapalot of Nek
Date Donated: Sept 2003
Talad Lorn
Date Donated: Oct 2003
Date Donated: Jan 2004
Date Donated: May 2004
Sable Storm
Date Donated: Sept 2003
Andreas Flohr
Date Donated: Sept 2003
Date Donated: Oct 2003
Date Donated: Dec 2003
Date Donated: Feb 2004

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Please note: while efforts are being made to provide cross-browser compatibility,
you are encouraged to use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera to play the game.
Expect an official announcement when the game is deemed fully playable in other major browsers.

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