For the purposes of the following agreement, "the game" is defined as the website at

By creating an account in the game you confirm that you have read through the following agreement, understand it fully and without difficulty and agree to abide by its terms.

1. You will not try to hack into the game or the server it is hosted on, or destroy, deface or otherwise change the game or parts thereof. You will also refrain from participating in the game in such a manner that places unnecessary strain on the server.

2. You will not attempt to gain access to other players' accounts, nor to any game content that you aren't authorised for.

3. You acknowledge that the game is still under active development, and as such is in no way guaranteed to be free of bugs, security holes or other erroneous behaviour. Furthermore, you will make every effort to report any such behaviour to the game administrators, using means provided by the game (logbook, forum, etc), and refrain from exploiting it, whether for your own personal advantage or other players' disadvantage or discomfort.

4. You acknowledge and respect other players' right to an enjoyable online experience, and thus will refrain from any behaviour that might diminish or eliminate said experience. Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to, spamming and posting abusive, offensive, profane, illegal or copyrighted content in the forum, chatroom and private messages; personal attacks towards other players, whether publicly or in private; using offensive language in your character's name or any other place where it might be visible to other players.

5. You acknowledge the game administrators' right to suspend or delete your account, ban your IP address or take any other measures deemed necessary to prevent you from accessing the game, should you be found to have violated the agreement. The severity of the offense and the appropriate response will be determined in the sole, unfettered discretion of the game administrators, taking into account any and all relevant material and evidence provided by involved parties.

6. You acknowledge that the game administrators will have access to your IP address, and you consent to their use of your IP address in enforcing this agreement. This usage includes, but is not limited to, using your IP address to identify and contact the school, library or other service provider associated with the IP address regarding your use of that address to participate in the game. Furthermore, you waive and release all claims and objections to the game administrators' use of your IP address in connection with the game.

7. You will not attempt to bypass the measures employed against you as a response to violations of this agreement. Such attempts include, but are not limited to, registering new accounts, impersonating other players and accessing the game from different computers to avoid IP bans.

8. The game administrators reserve the right to make changes to this agreement, should the need arise. It is your duty as a player to monitor the official announcements for such changes, as well as to consult the game administrators when in doubt as to whether a certain action or behaviour is in violation with the agreement.

9. In any situation not covered by this agreement you will go by common sense and online etiquette, as well as any laws applicable in your area of residence.